Building a coaching program, membership, or B2B SaaS is hard work!

You and your team are generating sales from your customers! Yay!

But, when you review the numbers...there's a problem.

New customers aren't staying long term. Customers are asking the same questions inside your community group, and even though you have an amazing program - you're in need of a great testimonials and case studies to drive even more sales...

Customer experience is the key to retention and increasing customer lifetime value.

It's incredibly cost and time effective to engage the lurkers and build out retention strategies that drive results and success - so it's a win-win for you and your audience.

I help unconventional coaches, course creators, and SaaS companies create customer experiences that turn lurkers into lifetime customers and clients.

After spending years helping organizations and business owners scale with on-demand training, I knew it was time to deliver the same outstanding customer experience for course creators, coaches, and SaaS founders.


Customer Experience Audit

In this stage, I start with an hour kick-off call with you and your team. I then work to analyze and audit your existing customer journey from awareness and sales conversion. I then audit the customer onboarding process and support documentation for your existing subscribers.

Customer Onboarding Development Plan

At this stage, I create a customer onboarding plan unique to your business and communicate with your sales and support teams to drive engagement with your existing customers and inspire them to take action.

VIP Support For You and Your Team

Finally, I work with your team to implement the new onboarding and engagement plan. This means that you'll get VIP access to me to ensure that the strategies we discuss are put in place effectively.

This often looks like interviewing existing email subcribers across your customer journey, reviewing your existing customer onboarding email sequences, mapping out customer engagement roadmaps including but not limited to: help documentation, course tutorials, and reviewing your subscriber sales funnel landing pages.

Often, I will work with your marketing team or the founder to align the true positioning and product promise so that your newly acquired customers become lifetime customers! Sometimes this also means new programs and revenue are created as a direct result of analyzing what's missing from your engagement with your existing customers.


I feel like I have a way forward.

"These sessions with Melody are a great way to get out of your own head and put your concepts down on paper. I learned ways to create different levels of knowledge and celebrate as students graduate. I'm confident that we can re-structure our current content resources in a way that helps them move forward"

Andrea Jones

Founder of Social Savvy School

You helped bring a lot of clarity!

"We would 100% recommend this session. There is a huge market for our business that we are missing and couldn't put the pieces together without you. We are good at working in our business, but it is very hard for us to work on our business and you helped bring a lot of clarity. We absolutely loved working with you!"

Kelan & Brittany Kline

Founders of The Savvy Couple

100% Recommended

"Melody was great to work with. She was professional, responsive, and supportive. I look forward to working with her on future projects and recommend her services 100%."

Dr. Julianna Hynes

Julianna Hynes & Associates

Worth it!

"It was well worth the money and Melody is clearly a very knowledgeable resource. If you are serious about developing online learning or education, Melody can be a key resource to provide the foundation necessary to move forward."

Mike Anderson

Japan Fuji School Online


Are you ready to build lifetime customers with an amazing experience?

Let's work together on your businesses' client experience roadmap so you can keep your customers engaged and feel confident about your onboarding!